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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Piraeus Bank extends terms on special credit card offer

Piraeus Bank is extending the special offer for its new card with a unique interest rate through the holidays to the middle of March.

The terms for the credit card issue remain unchanged and are charged at a rate of 1.99 percent per month on the used amount of the credit limit after the grace period for both Visa Gold and Visa Classic type cards.

The grace period now reaches 51 days, during which the interest rate equals 0.0001 percent per annum. Following the grace period, customer can repay the amount of the debt in full or make minimum payments at a rate of 10 percent of the debt, which will allow them to proceed using the loyal interest rate.

To qualify for the lower interest rate, customers much have an official income of more than $608 per month. The interest rate on sales and service networks or internet purchases equals 0.0001 percent per annum during the grace period, after which the rates are accrued on the amount of the credit limit actually used to the rate of 23.88 percent per annum.

The card's maximum loan limit is $3,050 on Visa Classic cards and $6,100 on Visa Gold cards.