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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Moscow hosts Transport Week 2013

The seventh annual "Transport Week" is being held in Moscow this week.

The event includes business, scientific and socio-cultural activities under the theme of "Investment in the Transport Sector." The event also includes a number of strategic objectives and prospects for innovative development in the transport industry.

Leaders in the Russian government on both the federal and regional levels are attending the event as well as heads of foreign ministries and departments and industry leaders.

A youth forum will also be part of "Transport Week" and will include a festival of creativity titled "TranspArt."

"Transport Week" is attended by more than 5,000 delegates. This year's program will present the latest achievements of the Russian transport complex. Overall, the event will include approximately 15 discussions with more than 100 speakers.

The event also includes a presentation of Russia's largest intermodal container, the TransContainer, that offers accelerated transport of goods in container trains on the Trans-Siberian Railway at an average speed of 1,100 kilometers per night.