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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Belarus makes changes to 2014 working days

The Republic of Belarus has announced the postponement of five working business days in 2014.

The move is in accordance with the Resolution of Council of Ministers of Nov. 25, number 1012.

The changes are include Jan. 2 to Jan. 4, Jan. 6 to Jan. 11, April 30 to May 3, July 4 to July 12, and Dec. 20 to Dec. 26.

The parliament of the republic declared the sovereignty of Belarus on July 27, 1990. During the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Belarus declared independence on Aug. 25, 1991.

Alexander Lukashenko has been the country's president since 1994. Despite objections from Western governments, Lukashenko has continued Soviet-era policies, such as state ownership of the economy.

In keeping with this policy, administrative controls over prices and currency exchange rates were introduced, and the state's right to intervene in the management of private enterprise was expanded.