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Thursday, June 21, 2018

NOMOS Opening places exchange bonds

NOMOS Bank Opening, along with PSB and Zenit Bank, have completed the placement of exchange bonds of RSG Finance BO-01 series with a total nominal value of $90 million with a maturity of three years and the repayment of issue No. 22, 2016, placed in full.

The book has a benchmark rate in the range of 12.25-12.75 percent, corresponding to a 12.63-13.16 percent per annum yield. The book was opened in the period from Nov. 18-20.

The results of the closing order book for Nov. 20 showed that the issuer set the first coupon rate at the upper end of the price range in the amount of 12.75 percent. This corresponds to a yield of 13.16 percent with the remaining coupon rate equal to the rate of the first coupon.

On Nov. 26, the market bonds were placed by public subscription on the MICEX system.