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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

UMMC plant wins regional social efficiency contest

UMMC's Lufia Auto Aggregate Plant recently won the regional stage of the contest for high social efficiency.

The contest grants awards in two categories - for the development of social partnership in the production sector and for the development of human potential.

Participants in the contest event included Victor Nesterov, the director for personnel and general affairs of SHAAZ, and Plant Trade Union Committee Chairman Nicholas Morkovkina. Deputy Governor and Director of the Department of Economic Development, Trade and Labor Nikolai Boltnev also participated in the event as part of a meeting of the regional tripartite commission for the regulation of social and labor relations.

Participants in the contest are judged on the overall economic performance of the enterprise as well as on the conditions of the collective agreement, the implementation of social programs for workers and veterans of the plan, the organization and training of the availability of intra-qualification procedures, cooperation with educational institutions, corporate contests and competitions of professional skills and other criteria.

This is SHAAZ's fourth time winning the regional stage of the competition.