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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Russian minister of internal affairs meets with finalists of "Popular Local Police Officer" competition

Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Colonel General Vladimir Kolokoltsev recently congratulated the winners of the third annual all-Russian competition for "Popular Local Police Officer."

Sergey Mayey, a senior police lieutenant of Blagoveschenskiy intermunicipal division of Amur Regional Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, took the top prize.

"People's attitude towards the police in general greatly depends on the professional skills and reaction rate of a police officer when helping a person," Kolokoltsev said.

In addition, a local police officer from Kalach-na-Donu in the Volgograd region, Police Major Viktor Kozlovets, and an authorized police major from Moscow, Pavel Kropinov, were awarded special ranks.

"At present our local police officers do a lot of jobs including, unfortunately, mountains of paperwork that has nothing to do with the population. We are trying to find a solution of this problem, i.e. to relive them of paperwork and to return them back to streets, yards, entryways, children's playgrounds and parks," Kolokoltsev said. "We've begun this work and we are going to continue working in this direction till a relevant balance is found that can adequately meet the population interests".

The finalists were also congratulated by the Director General and the Chief Editor of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" publishing house Vladimir Sungorkin.