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Friday, November 16, 2018

Nomos Bank and Opening organize placement of bonds

Nomos Bank, Bank of Discovery, PSB and URSA Capital recently placed the bond issue CB RMB JSC Series BO-01 nominal volume of $50 million, with a stable Moody's rating of B3.

The order book was open Nov. 5-12 and has a benchmark rate in the range of 11.25 percent to 11.75 percent for the first coupon, corresponding to a yield of 11.57 percent to 12.10 percent per annum.

Investors who applied included commercial banks and investment and management companies. Investors were filed in an 11-11.75 percent per annum range with a total demand of more than $50 million. The issuer decided to accept 25 offers from investors, given the current market situation and existing demand.

The closing of the order book interest rate of the first coupon bonds was determined by the issuer at a rate of 11.50 percent per annum, corresponding to an 11.83 percent per annum yield. The second coupon had an interest rate equal to the first coupon rate. The rest are determined by the issuer in accordance with the prospectus.

Additionally, the issuer provides an early purchase of commercial papers at the request of the owner one year after the placement date at a price equal to 100 percent of the nominal value of commercial papers. The coupon is paid two times a year.