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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Uralmashzavod representatives visit UMMC

Representatives from Uralmashplant recently visited UMMC Technical University in order to experience the creation of a corporate university as a platform for training of personnel and development of staff.

Eugene Karaman, the director of the Technical University of UMMC, said that they welcome their colleagues to establish similar systems of corporate education as it will only help to build the Russian industry. Karaman also said that the centers make the learning process more efficient, which will attract highly skilled professionals and teachers and maximize the use of modern technology.

UMMC has educational building specifications that put it on the cutting edge of technical solutions. The university has a single university-media complex with projectors, computers and monitors. It also has an operating hydrometallurgical laboratory on its premises.

By fall 2014, the university hopes to have a pyrometallurgical laboratory and housing for six more laboratories that will form a unique research facility.

Natalia Babilurovoy, the director of human resources for Uralmashplant, said that such an institution could be very valuable for the company and the entire industry as a whole.