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Sunday, March 24, 2019

UMMC Telecom connecting local pre-schools to the internet

Urals Mining and Metallurgical Company Telecom has been commissioned by the Office of Early Childhood Education to connect all kindergartens in Sverdlosk's Upper Pyshma to the internet through a fiber optic cable.

General Director of UMMC Telecom Vladimir Lansky said that some pre-schools were also asked to install wifi so that more employees are able to use the service.

"Now, all the information is drained from the kindergartens into a single electronic database. It makes our work easier and makes it more operational," head of the Office of Early Childhood Education Dichankina Love said.

"The internet is now used as an effective educational platform. Today we have a very convenient form of online training," Natalia Potsyupan, the deputy head of the kindergarten number 34, said.

The schools are also using the internet to connect with parents, creating special pages to post photos and videos.