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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Bank of Moscow launches winter promotion campaign with MasterCard

The Bank of Moscow recently launched a "Generous Winter" promotion for holders of the bank's MasterCard Pension Cards.

Pension Card users making five or more purchases of $15 each from Nov. 1-Dec. 31 will be eligible to win valuable prizes in the form of household appliances.

"Offering holders of MasterCard Pension Cards of the Bank of Moscow to take part in our promotion campaign, we strive to bring to their attention to the plastic cards as a modern, easy-to-use and reliable way of payments," Vice President Natalia Konovalova, the director of the retail department of the Bank of Moscow, said.

Ninety-five winners will be selected on Jan. 30 and will receive the gifts free of charge.

"Using bank cards to pay for purchases is convenient and safe. There is no need to collect the required amount of cash to pay for purchases and wait for the cashier's change," Mikhail Fedoseev, the vice president of MasterCard, said. "It is very important that owing to this bank product pensioners in Russia can take advantage of non-cash payments using cards not only for receipt of pension money but also as an everyday payment instrument."