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Sunday, February 25, 2018

National Bank of Ukraine issues new commemorative coins

The National Bank of Ukraine has issued new commemorative coins in honor of two prominent figures in Ukrainian history and culture.

"The National Bank of Ukraine continues to replenish its series of commemorative coins, and produces two new coins to commemorate the anniversaries of famous Ukrainian writer Olga Kobylyanska and military leader Nestor Makhno," Tamara Loshimanova, the head of numismatic products and markets, said. "These are people of the same era, but come from different social environments that each enrich the story with their talent."

The coin in commemoration of Kobylyanska is designed to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the writer's birth.

"The writer raised the question of women's rights, including their right to education, and actively advocated social equality of men and women. Her work brings aesthetic pleasure and knowledge of the female character," Loshimanova said.

The coin in commemoration of Makhno marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of the leader who oversaw a peasant insurgency in southern Ukraine.