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Thursday, June 21, 2018

NOMOS-BANK pays fourth coupon on market bonds

NOMOS-BANK, one of Russia's largest banking groups, recently paid a coupon for the fourth period on market bonds BO-2.

Bond holders were paid $1.50 per bond at a rate of 9.20 percent per annum. The total amount paid on the fourth coupon was $7.23 million.

The total income paid on all four coupons was $26.07 million.

There are currently two issues of outstanding classical bank bonds, series 11 and series 12, and five issues of commercial paper of BO-1, BO-03, BO-05 and BO-06. All issues of bank bonds are quoted as ZAO on the MICEX Stock Exchange, A first level and included in the Lombard list and list of securities accepted as collateral under repurchase agreements with the Bank of Russia.

Along with the Russian papers in circulation are five Eurobonds with a total volume of $2.05 billion.