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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

New commemorative coins mark Turkmen Horse Day

The Central Bank of Turkmenistan has minted a new collection of commemorative coins in honor of the Turkmen Horse Day.

The gold and silver coins, called "Akhalteke horse of the Turkmen," have a face value of $18.

Ancient Akhalteke horses, known as "horses from heaven," are part of the national heritage of Turkmenistan, which is considered an international center of horse grooming.

Turkmen Horse Day, officially celebrated as a national festive in Turkmenistan, symbolizes the respect paid by the Turkmen people to their cultural roots.

The face of the new coins bears the image of two Turkmen racers against a background of mountains. The legend "Turkmenin ahaltkee bedewi" is inscribed in a circular formation at the top of the coin, while "Elli manat" is at the bottom. The left side indicates the standard of the coin and the right side lists its weight. On the back of the coin is an image of the State Emblem of Turkmenistan.

The coins come with a certificate from the Central Bank of Turkmenistan guaranteeing proof of their high quality.