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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Piraeus Bank sets new commission rates

Ukraine's Piraeus Bank has set new commission rates on current accounts, significantly reducing rates on a number of transactions.

The bank also canceled fees for withdrawing cash from accounts at Piraeus Bank's ATMS, through the "Atmosphere" network and with other banks in Ukraine and canceled fees for transferring money between a customer's own accounts.

The bank installed a new fee, however, for incoming non-cash payments from other Piraeus clients in the amount of 0.4 percent of the sum of the transfer.

In addition, the bank revised the commission for converting foreign currency into the local currency, setting it at 1.5 percent of the amount of the transaction.

The new tariffs were enacted on Oct. 14.

Piraeus Bank is a Greek financial services company with its headquarters in Athens, Greece. It operates in 10 countries through a branch network of 1,718 stores. The bank expanded into Ukraine in 2007 by acquiring the International Commerce Bank.