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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Central Bank of Uzbekistan report shows confidence in banking system

Public opinion of the banking system's role in supporting family businesses, as well as public confidence in domestic banks, has improved, according to the results of a new poll released by the Central Bank of Uzbekistan.

The survey, conducted by opinion research center Fikr Ijtimoiy, was carried out in all regions of the country among all categories of entrepreneurs.

It found that 97 percent of respondents highlighted the fact that household deposits in banks are fully guaranteed by the state, which increases confidence in the banking system.

Ninety-eight percent of the respondents said that credibility, high yields and quality service were critical factors.

The majority of respondents held positive views of plastic and electronic credit and bank cards, consumer loans allocated by commercial banks, microfinance banks for creating new enterprises and financial support for agricultural products.

"The results of the survey indicate that the business community appreciates the activity of the banking system of Uzbekistan for the development of small business and private entrepreneurship, which makes a significant contribution to improving the welfare of the people and the country's economic potential," the bank said.