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Saturday, January 20, 2018

NOMOS-BANK sets bank guarantees for DRSU number 2

NOMOS-BANK, one of Russia's largest private listed banks, recently set a limit of $3,104,409 for bank guarantees to DRSU number 2 - the "Road Repair and Construction Management number 2" - one of the leading state enterprises for the maintenance and construction of roads in the Omsk region.

As part of the arrangement, the company plans to use NOMOS-BANK guarantees to secure the performance of obligations under newly concluded municipal and contracts.

DRSU number 2 was created for the construction of federal roads and later charged with their maintenance and repair. It has constructed 228.899 kilometers of main roads and 150 kilometers of county roads to date.

The company has also participated in the construction of roads in Lermontov, Volgograd, Lukashevich and elsewhere in the region. It is actively involved in regional and municipal auctions and tenders.

NOMOS-BANK has 21 branches and 31 representative offices in Russia. It was co-founded by Igor Finogenov, now the CEO of the Eurasian Development Bank.