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Monday, January 22, 2018

UMMC plant unveils new quality policy

The Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company recently introduced a new version of its quality policy at the SHAAZ facility in the Kurgan region.

"The old version of the policy was approved in 2009, so there is a need to bring the document into line with modern requirements," Andrei Popov, director of quality at SHAAZ, said. "First of all, it is the requirements of standard ISO/ TS 16949 certificate of conformity which our company has received this spring.

"The main point of the international standard is not only the improvement of the effectiveness of measures to ensure product quality at all stages of its life cycle, but also the prevention of deviations from the requirements."

The policy also covers relevant activities, such as the development of suppliers and new products, as well as training and staff development.

"It should be noted that the document received is not just a beautiful declaration for consumers. Goals and objectives of the enterprise in the field of quality, above all, will be communicated to each employee with the necessary explanations and specific benchmarks," Popov said.