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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Belarus releases foreign trade data

The turnover of foreign trade of goods and services for the Republic of Belarus from January-August was $60,008.3 million, according to recent data released by the National Bank of Belarus.

Exports of goods and services amounted to $29,941.5 million, while imports totaled $30,066.9 million, creating a trade deficit of $125.3 million.

Turnover of goods totaled $52,542.3 million, with exports of good amounting to $25,288.1 million and imports of goods amounting to $427,254.2 million, leaving a deficit of the foreign trade of goods worth $1,966.1 million.

Turnover of services amounted to $7,466.0 million, with exports of services totaling $4,653.4 million and imports of services totaling $2,812.6 million, creating a surplus of $1,840.8 million.