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Friday, April 19, 2019

National Bank of Ukraine discloses interest rates on financial transactions

The National Bank of Ukraine has announced interest rates on asset and liability transactions carried out by the bank on October 2.

Overnight credit will be offered against collateral of Ukrainian government bonds at 7.50 percent per annum, while overnight certificates of deposits will be offered at 2 percent per annum.

Certificates of deposit will be offered through a tender procedure with a 2.25 percent maximum bid rate for certificates with a maturity of seven days, 3 percent with a maturity of 14 days, 3.50 percent with a maturity of 30 days, 4 percent with a maturity of 44 days and 6 percent with a maturity of 85 days.

The terms and conditions for conducting the transactions are communicated to banks via the relevant software.