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Sunday, February 25, 2018

MDM Bank launches new ATM service for small and medium businesses

MDM Bank has expanded its service for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities, providing customers with a special card - the samoinkassatsii card - that allows users to deposit or withdraw cash at any time through the bank's ATMs.

In addition, the samoinkassatsii card allows users to take advantage of a text message notification service to control the flow of funds to the account in real time.

The service is currently available in select cities but the bank plans to expand it to customers across Russia.

"The modern business world requires swift action from employers, quick decision making and mobility of cash payments," Alexander Popov, the head of the regional development of small and medium-sized businesses at MDM Bank, said. "We are pleased to present our customers with a convenient tool for the business that will save them time and will allow 24/7 to make revenue on account of the firm without the queues and on more favorable terms than the collection service."

MDM Bank, founded in 1990 as one of the first privately-owned banks in Russia, is one of the largest banks in the nation when measured by capital, assets and deposits. MDM Bank provides a range of services to approximately three million individuals and more than 15,000 corporate and SME customers.