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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Liberty Bank of Georgia issues new credit card

The private Liberty Bank of Georgia recently issued a new credit card designed specifically for public school teachers.

The card will carry no commission charges on annual maintenance and will offer favorable annual interest rates. In addition, the full amount of each thousandth transaction made using the card will be returned to the customer. Payments on the card will be made online.

The card comes in four distinct designs that correspond to each teacher's status and qualifications.

The Liberty Bank of Georgia, formerly the People's Bank of Georgia, is the seventh largest in the country with assets amounting to 3.4 percent of market share.

In September 2009 91.2 percent of the bank's shares were acquired by Liberty Investments Holding B.V., a newly established joint venture between Georgia's former Prime Minister Lado Gurgenidze and Romanian tycoon Dinu Patriciu.