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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Central Bank of Uzbekistan holds employment conference

The Central Bank of Uzbekistan held a press conference at the National Media Center on Wednesday to address the issue of unemployment.

In accordance with the "Year of Prosperity and Well Being" program, according to the bank, approximately 973,000 jobs will be created through measures such as constructing new industrial enterprises, reconstructing economically unsound and inactive enterprises, creating and supporting small companies and micro firms, stimulating sole proprietorships, and developing social and market infrastructure.

The bank said that steps are being taken to direct more than $2.8 million towards the effort.

The Central Bank is promoting more banking services in all of its locations, especially regions that are difficult to reach and have an excess of available labor, as well as conducting open discussions with the population and providing practical assistance to stimulate employment.

Commercial banks are also playing a role, loaning millions of dollars to help create jobs for college graduates, supporting family and small businesses, and creating new agricultural projects and products.

"Commercial banks are continuing to provide input into executing the tasks related to increasing the standard of living in the country," the Central Bank said.