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Monday, November 18, 2019

Tatneft's Ashalchinskoye field produces 500 tons of EVO

Daily production at Tatneft's Ashalchinskoye extra-viscous oil field recently reached 500 tons.

The company's target of commercial extra-viscous oil field development is the Sheshminsky horizon of the Ufa Stage. Nurlatneft oil and gas production board has carried out the Ashalchinskoye EVO field's development since 2006.

There have been several measures elaborated and implemented in order to perform tasks assigned, including increasing utility capacities for gas, water, electricity and heat supply, production and treatment of extra-viscous oil.

NGDU Nurlatneft has already produced 264,000 tons of EVO since the beginning of the field's development.

Field development involves applying steam assisted gravity drainage stimulation through paired horizontal wells.