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Thursday, August 22, 2019

NOMOS-BANK and Bank Discovery place O1 Properties Finance 01 series bonds

NOMOS-BANK and Bank Discovery have successfully placed O1 Properties Finance 01 series bonds with a total nominal value of $190 million with a five-year maturity.

The order book claims were filed from 25 market participants and were open from August 5-6. The book-building range of coupon rate of the first coupon was narrowed to 12-12.5 percent to 12-12.25 percent per annum and total demand was at more than $380 million in the final price range.

The interest rate will be fixed at the lower end of the price range in the final amount of 12 percent per annum, according to results of the closing order book. For the second to the sixth set, the interest rate will be equal to the first coupon rate and subsequent coupons will have their rate set by the issuer under the prospectus.

At the request of the owners, early purchase bonds will be provided in three years from the date of placement at a price equal to 100 percent of the nominal value of the bonds. Bonds held August 8 will be placed by public subscriptions in the use of trade and settlement systems ZAO Micex Stock Exchange with the depositary to issue a NSD. They are eligible for inclusion in the Lombard List of the Bank of Russia and the quotation list A first level of ZAO MICEX stock exchange.