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Thursday, September 19, 2019

National Bank of Ukraine develops financial education for children

The National Bank of Ukraine is working with the Ministry of Education and Science in Ukraine in order to provide financial literacy and financial education courses at summer camps for children of all regions of the Ukraine.

Teachers will receive special training and hands-on experience in order to run the programs which are geared toward children and teenagers aged nine to 16.

The classes are part of the "Under the Action Plan for 2013," which is designed to increase the level of financial literacy among the Ukrainian population.

The plan also includes social events, such as an All-Ukrainian Week of Financial Literacy and an International Day of Savings in Ukraine, which are geared toward the whole population.

The Action Plan was developed as part of the Strategy for Reform of Consumer Protection System in Financial Services Markets for 2012-2017. The program puts together a number of large-scale education projects.

"The National Bank of Ukraine is currently developing long-term Strategy to increase financial literacy among the Ukrainian population which sets out the priorities and determines areas of activities for public and non-government organizations in this sphere. Financial literacy will help everyone navigate their way through today's complicated financial world with its numerous offers and make sound decisions regarding spending and savings, family budget planning, and business. The state is committed to implementing projects to increase financial literacy among the Ukrainian population as a well-educated person equipped with financial knowledge and skills is instrumental in building a strong country," Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine Valerii Prokhorenko said.