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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

FUIB gets top grade in deposit strength

The First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) said Tuesday that it was awarded a Grade 5 rating in deposit strength by the Credit Rating Agency.

The rating is the highest  the agency gives and it indicates that a bank or lender has stability and strength in its financial standing and has minimal if any vulnerability to negative external factors in the commercial, economic, political and financial spheres.

FUIB said it has higher amounts of deposit reliability than other banks in the country.

FUIB said recently it has reported recognition in several areas including capitalization that is over 1.5 times the national average with an 11.32 percent capital adequacy ratio that was further enhanced with a recent merger of FUIB and Renaissance Capital Bank. The bank's capital increased by approximately 6 percent as a result of the merger. 

FUIB also was named one of the top bond traders in the country by CBonds Financial Information Services.