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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

VTB supports concert for charity

Piano soloist Evgeny Kissin performed in a concert supporting the Iavnana Charity Fund with help from the Georgian branch of VTB Group, the bank said Monday.

Funds from the concert will allow a family to receive a new home from the bank and the charity. Kissin's performance were to include iconic pieces by Beethoven, Chopin, Prokofiev and Liszt. Kissin is considered a piano virtuoso having been recognized on international levels with a Grammy award, an Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli Award and honorary doctoral degrees from the Manhattan School of Music in New York and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The Iavnana Charity helps children in need through concerts and other high profile gala-type events. Children that the organization seeks to help include those living in poverty or those with low quality or non-existent parental care and guidance.

VTB said it is an avid supporter of the charity and their events.