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Friday, January 18, 2019

Bellesbumprom modernization to expand opportunity

Woodworking, timber and paper industry concern Bellesbumprom said on Wednesday that modernization efforts have allowed it to expand products and the ability to export to over 30 countries.

Bellesbumprom Chairman Yuri Nazarov said they are ready to move forward with a new line of products from woodworking, paper and other enterprises associated with Bellesbumprom. Promising markets include those involved in active construction in Asia, Latin America and many Arab countries.

Products that are able to be produced at the facility include fiberboards for insulation. Two companies in the group are working on developing the techniques necessary for laminated floor pavement. They expect to be able to produce at an annual unit capacity of 15 million by 2017. Enterprises specializing in paper and pulp are producing paste board and premium wallpapers. 

Bellesbumprom comprises 45 companies and enterprises that specialize in woodworking, timber, paper and pulp production. Collectively the enterprises export to 44 different countries.