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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Vozrozhdenie Bank places second in investor-relations contest

Vozrozhdenie Bank (VB) said Tuesday that its investor relations (IR) case placed second in the seventh international IR cases contest.

The competition was sponsored by Financial Communications and the Investor Relations Association.

Four criteria were used to determine the strength of the different cases that were entered: efficiency, novelty, methodological value and expert's assessments of each case. Every case had to contain a true story of investor-relations expertise in the Russian and international corporate realm, specifically how the IR team used its expertise to resolve a problem or situation. The efficiency of the measures taken can be reflected in any effects on the share price (where applicable) and/or any effect on the company's standing in the investment community.

VB's case detailed how it took on the financing of its banking application for mobile devices. VBank IR primarily alerts investors, shareholders and analysts about the market climate, allowing users to access news, financial reports and other informational data, as well as use the bank's interactive analysis tool.

The app introduced new transparency and interactivity between the bank and investors.

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