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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Lukashenko: Business managers must take lead during economic crisis

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said this week that managers must take advantage of favorable situations to pull the economy out of crisis.

Lukashenko, who spoke during the announcement of new appointments, said he will assess the performance of business managers during the period of January through September, with the most talented personnel made redundant during the government staff optimization campaign to be appointed executives of enterprises.

"The situation is complicated, yet there are some encouraging opportunities," Lukashenko said. "We need to seize the moment and pull our economy out of the teeth of the crisis. Smart managers should do this. Today, the main focus is not just the economy but the performance of enterprises, labor collectives."

Lukashenko addressed newly appointed Minsk Tractor Works General Director Fyodor Domotenko, saying that the tractor works is not just a factory but is a holding company united 10 companies and the face of the country.

"Do not pay attention to all sorts of intricacies," Lukashenko said. "If you have organizational problems, reach out to the president directly. I will support you in all matters, of course, reasonable matters. These may be difficult decisions but I will support you if this contributes to an increase in the output, product quality and marketing of these products. Pay special attention to trading houses and dealer network outside. Do not cover anyone. You do not need the old sins. Let those who have created the mess be held accountable for this. Pick up a team of reliable people who want to work, and get down to work."