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Monday, February 17, 2020

Uzbekistan commemorates veterans in WWII memorial

Uzbekistan recently celebrated the Day of Memory and Reverence, which commemorates the memory of Uzbeki nationals killed in World War II and honors living veterans.

Crowds of war vets, government officials, military servicemen and ordinary citizens flocked to Memory Square to mark the May 9 holiday. The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov laid a wreath at the monument of the Mourning Mother.

"Today, our nation, the entire people of Uzbekistan widely celebrates the splendid date - the Day of Memory and Reverence, the 69th anniversary of the Victory over fascism," Karimov said. "These days, we all pay homage to the memory and remember those who fell at the battlefield in the name of this current peaceful life.... as well as to all our compatriots who made their own contribution to the Victory with their selfless labor and effort in the home front, and I wish them on behalf of all our people and myself a sound health and a long life."

Karimov also spoke about present conflict in the region and called for peace.

"Unfortunate as it is, confrontation and conflicts have been intensifying in various corners of the world and around us," Karimov said. "What we cannot but be concerned about is the fact that bloodshed is taking place in some regions, conflicts and enmity are intensifying, fascism is letting itself known again, while such menacing threats as nationalism and chauvinism are gaining ground in the political arena - in a word, the challenges and threats to peace and stability have been gaining in strength. Without any doubt, every person currently observing so dangerous a situation unfolding around the world, including such developments in the post-Soviet space, wishes that yesterday's friends not become enemies, while the emergent confrontation not grow into a war."