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Monday, February 17, 2020

Minsk to host first Belarusian-Russian agricultural forum

The city of Minsk will host the first-ever Belarusian-Russian regional forum next month, drawing government officials and business and media leaders, along with officials from the Eurasian Economic Union, to discuss the developing agricultural center and food security.

Anatoly Rubinov, the speaker of the Belarusian council, will chair the event alongside Valentin Matviyenko, the speaker of the Russian council.

The forum, which will include presentations on Belarus' agricultural achievements and will be held in conjunction with the Belagro 2014 international exposition, is part of the Eurasian Economic Union and is an attempt to improve and accelerate the development of both country's economies. The parties will be pursuing improvements through the expansion of direct contact between businesses and agricultural entities in the two regions.