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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Multisectoral Production Company KRZ obtains funding from Bank of Moscow

The Bank of Moscow recently announced that it extended a credit facility of $8.3 million to Multisectoral Production Company KRZ CJSC for three years to replenish working capital.

Multisectoral Production Company KRZ is the successor to Ryazan Cardboard and Tar Paper Works. While the company's core activity is the production of soft roofing and waterproofing material, it also produces corrugated cardboard and containers from corrugated cardboard, hygienic products, bitumen and floor polishes.

"We believe that the Bank of Moscow is a stable and reliable financial partner: the necessary funding was provided by the bank in due time and in accordance with the previously announced transaction parameters," Mikhail Nazarov, the deputy general director for economy and finance for Multisectoral Production Company KRZ, said.

Multisectoral Production Company KRZ has been recognized as being among the top 100 enterprises in the construction sector in Russia for more than a decade.

"Work with corporate customers always has plenty of subtleties and peculiarities, and it is necessary to understand the specifics and requirements of customer business to be able to offer the necessary services and best terms," Evgeny Monin, the director of corporate sales management for Bank of Moscow, said. "In our work, we strive to provide banking services at the highest level, and we hope for further fruitful cooperation with KRZ."