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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Money transfers promotion launched by Ardshininvestbank

Armenia's Ardshininvestbank announced on Friday that between April 1 and June 30 it will hold a promotion for customers using its money transfer systems.

Each 500th customer who sends or receives money transfers via Avers, IntelExpress, Sigue, MoneyGram, Anelik, UniStream, Ria or Bistraya Pochta will receive $50.

"We constantly aim to provide our customers with high quality services," Arthur Gyulazyan, the director of retail business for Ardshininvestbank, said. "Customers using the services of Ardshininvestbank along with the high quality service are expected to receive pleasant surprises."

Gyulazyan said the bank would reward at least one customer each day during the promotion.

"Since the bank daily serves more than 1,000 customers using money transfers, we will have a customer receiving the amount in the frame of (the) mentioned offer each day," Gyulazyan said.

Avers, IntelExpress, Sigue, MoneyGram, Anelik, UniStream, Ria and Bistraya Pochta money transfer systems are provided in all 55 branches and offices of Ardshininvestbank.

Ardshininvestbank was founded in 2002 and serves nearly 100,000 customers.