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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

ProCredit Bank offers new services to internet banking clients

ProCredit Bank recently announced that it is the first and only bank in Georgia to offer its business clients a convenient way to use and pay back their credit lines on an internet-based platform.
ProCredit's internet banking service also offers private clients the option of applying for and receiving a loan online. If the loan is approved, the client signs the loan agreement electronically through the internet banking platform and the requested amount is then paid into the client's account. During the review of the loan application, the bank may contact clients for additional information.
Additional recently introduced internet banking services include blocking and unblocking card payments, activating/deactivating Cvv2/Cvc2 codes, increasing card withdrawal and purchase limits, and viewing electronic versions of card and account agreements.

ProCredit Bank is a member of the ProCredit Group, which owns majority stakes in 19 countries in the Americas, Africa and Europe. ProCredit Bank is the name of several of the group's banks in the Eastern European, African and Latin American regions.