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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Uzbekistan banks participate in state "Year of prosperity and well-being" program

The Central Bank of Uzbekistan held a press conference on Monday on the participation of the banking system to ensure the implementation of the state's "Year of prosperity and well-being program."

Under President Islam Karimov's program, commercial banks have actively participated in the implementation of tasks aimed at the development of small business and entrepreneurship, farming, employment, welfare and income growth, as well as an improvement in living standards and social conditions.

Lending to businesses was up more than 32.8 percent in 2013, while financial support for young families was 10 percent higher this year.

Commercial banks have also become more active in the creation and expansion of local infrastructure and social programs, according to the central bank.

"We can confidently say that the active financing of business projects of small and private businesses by commercial banks will contribute to the implementation of the priority tasks of providing for the family and strengthening the country as a whole, namely, increasing employment, creating jobs and prosperity for the population," the bank said.