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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Kazakh vice-minister releases briefing on economic development

The Vice-Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Ruslan MF RK Dalenova gave a report on the economic development of the country and preliminary results for 2013 at a briefing on Dec. 27.

Dalenova said that the income for the first 11 months of 2013 fulfilled the national budget revenues by 101.8 percent, with tax revenues at 101.3 percent.

The national fund amounted to $4 billion as of Oct. 1 and the country had an expenditure adjusted national budget amounting to $39.13 billion. The national debt amounted to $26.5 billion or 11.9 percent of GDP and was ranked 14th in the Global Competitiveness Index for 2013-2014.

Public procurement was at a volume of $6.25 billion with conventional savings of $300 million or 4.6 percent. There was a 60 percent share of electronic public procurement in the amount of public procurement.

The Ministry of Finance also worked to simplify the tax and customs administration to develop cashless payments and to introduce electronic customs declaration.