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Thursday, March 21, 2019

NOMOS-Bank offers new banking platform

NOMOS-Bank has created a new EDW-based information-analytical system called RS-DataHouse that will be recognized in the Russian R-Style Softlab and integrated with Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.

The software specializes in banking automation and will help with business banking and the program's effectiveness will increase with the more businesses that use it.

The program uses credit-deposit history to the analysis and summary of financial calculations for deals. It also proactively manages reliable information through the implementation of the control system discharging debt returns.

Quantitative indicators are also used in the software, giving the bank the opportunity to handle great amounts of data, including information on more than 1.5 million individuals and legal entities, 22 million customer accounts and 140,000 daily accounting operations.

The data warehouse was implemented over several stages.

"Currently, all phases of work are completed," Julia Kvetkina, the director of analytical systems at R-Style Softlab, said. "We are proud that in the course of the project we have developed export data from 11 accounting systems using a commercial ETL- system of Informatica. This is a significant achievement, because the repository on a regular basis is loaded with financial information, directories, data on loans, deposits, securities transactions, information on documentary transactions, interbank lending and depositories, settlement and cash services, as well as information about the organization staff structure, customer relationship and more."